Some of the mineworkers who were trapped for more than two days at the Sibanye Beatrix mine outside Theunissen in the Free State say the incident will forever be engraved in their minds.

It has emerged that it was almost 1 400 miners who were trapped underground following a violent storm which caused power outages at four shafts.

Rescuers worked all night to rescue the last group of 955 workers. Some of the relieved miners spoke to the SABC after they were brought to surface Friday morning.

“Feeling very, very bad because we have been there for almost three days. There was no communication with us and we just heard they were gonna bring food underground, but we didn’t even see that food. They did give us food on the second day,” says one miner.

“Since well it was my first time being trapped underground it was very bad. I was thinking about my family back at home… The hunger was getting to us. Most of the employees underground were very stressed,” adds another miner.