Matric learners at the only school in Limpopo with a zero percent pass rate have blamed the shortage of teachers for their failure. All the 21 learners at Mohlotlwane secondary school in the Sekhukhune district have failed grade 12.

The school situated at India-Maesela village near Apel  has low enrolment. Some of the learners want to be given a chance to repeat the class.

“I am feeling bad , I have failed for the first time in my life and I am really disappointed. I want to repeat the grade maybe I will pass. My marks are really disappointing  and my parents will also be disappointed . We have now become a laughing stock,” said one disappointed learner.

Meanwhile, the parents have also expressed disappointment at the performance of their children. One of the parents, Mathikithi Thobejane, says they have always received information about the poor conduct of their children at school.

“We’re really disappointed because it really shows that children they don’t attend their daily classes as I received information about their behaviour at school they really don’t attend classes and they’re not doing their tasks as pupils as parents we’re trying to encourage them but they are not courageous,” said.

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