Shortage of pathologists an inconvenience to families

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The shortage of pathologists in the country has left several distraught families stranded. The situation has resulted in the delay of conducting post-mortems.

Grieving families are forced to wait much longer before burying their loved ones. One family had to have a funeral service without the corpse.

Post-mortems are mandatory to determine the cause of death.

“We had to do the ceremony without the body and a week after that we received our body only to find out that we had to go and bury him without anything,” says a grieving aunt, Dimakatso Tutubala.

Dibuseng Madiele was buried three weeks after her death.

“We waited two weeks for the body. She died on June 18 and was buried on July 7. This is painful to us because I expected to bury my child as soon as possible,” says her mother, Joalene Ditsoane.

Government says it’s working around the clock to remedy the situation.

“We’ve recently appointed doctors and this is not just like any field but needs specialists that have to be trained,” says Free State Health HoD, Dr David Motau.

For now, the families can only wait for the results before they find closure.