Shops owned by foreign nationals looted in Limpopo

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A number of shops owned by foreign nationals were looted by some residents in Schoonoord outside Jane Furse in Limpopo.

The attacks on foreign nationals in the area come after a teenage boy was assaulted and killed on Friday, allegedly by a spaza shop owner who is a foreign national.

Tensions have now spread to other areas in Jane Furse town.

Police have been deployed to defuse the situation.

Anwar Safeer, a shop owner whose shop was looted overnight, is calling for police protection.

Safeer says, “Many shops have been looted and broken, so many shops they have taken the stock and now we are staying here in Schoonoord next to a taxi rank. So I left half today and half yesterday and we heard around 8 o’clock that they were looting so we tried calling the police and they didn’t come so they looted all our stock.”