Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy leader Floyd Shivambu is confident about the current High Court case in Pretoria involving party leader Julius Malema.  Malema is applying to have the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956 declared invalid. Judgment was reserved on Wednesday.

Malema has previously been criminally charged under the Act for allegedly inciting party members to occupy vacant land.

Shivambu has accused the African National Congress (ANC) of using stalling tactics when it comes to scrapping some apartheid legislation.

“We are happy in terms of the arguments that have been presented, and we are confident that when the judgment comes, we are definitely going to be victorious. We are going to make sure that this part of the legislation is declared unconstitutional and, one thing that South Africa must know is that the ruling party has refused to repeal more than 2 000 apartheid legislations of petty apartheid laws and substantial apartheid laws. We had proposed in parly that there must be an ad-hoc committee that will repeal all apartheid legislation… the ruling party voted against that motion.”


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