The holy pilgrimage of the Nazareth Baptist church also known as Shembe has begun to the Inhlangkazi Mountain which is considered sacred. Preparations are being done at Inanda north of Durban before the pilgrimage to the mountain in the Ndwedwe area on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast.

The mountain is where most of the Shembe factions worship their founder,Inkosi Isaiah Shembe. It is a time when the teachings and values of the church are being celebrated.

The Ebuhleni faction is the only exception who conducts their pilgrimage at Khenani Mountain.

The Ekuphakameni faction will be the first to climb the mountain. They will start their journey on Wednesday and will stay on the mountain until the 9th of January, giving other factions the opportunity to conduct their pilgrimages.

“The pilgrimage is very important to the congregation and also to each and every member of the Nazareth Baptist church because it signifies that you are still committed to the ethos, the values, the teachingsĀ  and the renewal of the covenant he entered into with God,” said Ekuphakameni spokesperson Thetha Ngiba.

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