Sharm-El-Sheikh climate change summit to come up with a new plan for implementation: Mohammed

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Some developed countries are already reviewing the commitment they made to implement agreements about renewable energy.

In recent months, many countries have experienced extreme weather conditions such as heat waves and devastating floods.

Next month, Africa will host the all-important COP27 summit in Egypt. The continent has been pushing for the implementation of a just energy transition to protect its economy and livelihoods, while some developed Northern countries, like Germany, are going back to coal.

Mohammed, says there’s no room for complacency as the vulnerable are suffering.

She says, “COP27 is the  Africa COP, it is the COP of implementation. We have to address the emission and mitigations. We have to address adaptation, finance and we have to address loss and damage and the issues around loss and damage are evident today. The science that climate change is  real has been demonstrated and the third of Pakistan going underwater, tragic floods from hurricane Ian and Florida and from the heat waves that we are seeing through Africa that are causing enormous drought and famine.”

Mohammed has called on wealthy nations to take responsibility for action on Climate Change.

“The evidence is there. What we need to do in COP27 is to meet the commitments that we made in Glasgow and to carry out through the stock take that will happen next year for the SDGs, but also on the Paris commitments and ensure that we are moving towards keeping the promise of all these commitments that we have made and that work will result in people’s lives. COP27, as I said Africa COP, what matters most we have a list to do now with climate change, we have to live up to those commitments and get them done today. ”

The Sharm-El-Sheikh climate change summit will have to come up with a new plan that will ensure the implementation of the agreements signed in previous summits.

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