Several homes damaged due to hail storms in Mahikeng

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Several houses, a school, and a community hall in Setlagole, near Mahikeng, North West, have been damaged during a hail storm accompanied by a strong wind.

The area is prone to flooding and the community was earlier this year cut off from main routes after two bridges were washed away.

Homes and other buildings were damaged. A natural disaster that has left many devastated. Residents say they were hit by a strong wind accompanied by soft rain.

Affected resident, William Boikanyo says, “The damaged is estimated to be about thousands of rands, you can see even electricity is also damaged and the roof blown away, we don’t know who to talk to and where we will get help.”

Electric poles and trees were blown over with scared locals explaining that they have not experienced such bad weather before.

“This thing that has happened in Setlagole has scared us, I was not expecting it as I am staying in a shack. My shack almost got blown away. I jumped on my feet, dressed up and ran outside.”

“I am very sad about what happened because the houses were destroyed. Most of the people are not well off and they are mostly struggling.”

A disaster team from the government has already been dispatched to assess the damage.

Executive Mayor Ngaka Modiri Molema District, Molefe Khumalo says, “we have our team on the ground to do quick assessments and this evening I convened a special mayoral meeting so that we receive the report and based on the outcome reports we are now going to intervene we are also going rope in the provincial government departments relevant so that we can assist our people.”

Residents remain on high alert with more rain expected in the next few days.