Seven police officers arrested after attempting to resell counterfeit goods

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Seven police officers have been arrested for corruption and defeating the ends of justice relating to Wednesday’s raid in the Johannesburg CBD.

A warrant officer and four constables were arrested at the Johannesburg Central Police Station after they were caught allegedly attempting to resell some of the counterfeit goods confiscated during the raid, back to the illegal traders.

Two members from the Tactical Response Team were also nabbed for allegedly leaking information about the planned raids.

Just before police began with the raid most of the shops believed to be selling counterfeit goods had been closed and police had to forcefully open them.

Large quantities of counterfeit goods including clothing and sneakers were recovered during the raid including unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

Gauteng police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters says, “Intelligence further led police to Lister Building where 46 vehicles including panel vans were found on different levels of the basement parking. The vehicles were loaded to capacity with more counterfeit goods confiscated by the police. Police believe the loot found in the 46 vehicles could be the cargo removed the night before after illegal traders had received a tip-off. The Gauteng Police Commission emphasised that we certainly hope the arrest will prove to people of Gauteng that we are serious about eradicating crime.