Immigration services at Maseru Port of entry running smoothly

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There are long queues at the Maseru Port of Entry as thousands of Basotho, who work in South Africa, make their way home for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Customs officials say they expect the numbers to increase from Friday.

Officials in South Africa have repatriated several Lesotho nationals who were in the country without proper documents.

The Department of Home Affairs says about 15000 people use the Maseru border crossing daily.

This was evident when hundreds of Basotho nationals who work in South Africa returned home.

Some of them say they are satisfied with services provided by customs officials.

“I have just arrived at the gate but fortunately everything went well. The service is good when you have all the necessary documents.”

Meanwhile, some were left frustrated and complained about sub-standard service.

“I came here at six o’clock, I crossed the border at 10 o’clock. I am late. I have arrived at 7 o’clock at the gate at Lesotho, services are not good. We are not happy about that. I arrived here early service is slow. I am not happy.”

The Department of Home Affairs says it’s ready to deal with the high number of people who will be crossing into the mountain kingdom from Friday.

It says it has beefed up personnel following the suspension of a number of officials for taking bribes.