Sergeant Thabo Mosia says he had no reason to tamper with evidence

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Sergeant Thabo Mosia, the state witness in the trial of five men accused of killing goalkeeper, Senzo Meyiwa, says he had no reasons to tamper with evidence as suggested by the defence. Mosia was the first forensic officer to arrive at the crime scene.

Mosia has finally wrapped up his testimony at the High Court in Pretoria after weeks on the stand.

Meyiwa was shot and killed during an alleged robbery in 2014 at the home of his then-girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo.

The sergeant was once again grilled about his role in the collection of evidence.

Defence advocate Zandile Mshololo revisited the evidence recovered on the scene, a bullet behind glass jars on the kitchen counter.

He conceded to not taking swabs of the bullet however he could not be drawn into answering whether the bullet links the accused to the crime.

Mshololo says, “The bullet that you recovered on top of the cupboard, is the bullet that is linking the accused with the crime scene. I cannot answer that, analysts can answer that. ADV Was there any swab done on that bullet before it was sealed, was it sealed by you or someone else? Witness No that’s not how we work.”

During re-examination, advocate George Baloyi for the state questioned Mosia on the claims of tampering with evidence by the defence. The defence accused Mosia of tampering with the evidence after he submitted the evidence to the forensics sciences laboratory four days after the incident occurred. He maintains his innocence.

Advocate George Baloyi says, “It Was put to you that the reason why you handed the exhibits on the 30th of October 2014 is that you were tampering with those exhibits. Did you know who the accused were at that state? No. Would you have any reason to tamper with exhibits as suggested? I did not have any reason to tamper with the evidence.”

He also says the forensics lab did not raise any concerns with what he handed in. “Did you receive any queries from the forensic sciences lab after submitting the exhibits? I did not receive any queries.”

Mosia was finally excused from the witness box. The state is expected to introduce a new witness when the trial resumes on Thursday.

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