Senzo Meyiwa trial: Defense exposes a series of inconsistencies in police statements

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The veracity of state witness Thabo Mosia’s main testimony before the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria has been further called into question by the late Brigadier Ndlovu’s sworn account of the events of the night of the murder of former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa.

Contradiction 1 

According to Ndlovu, he gave Mosia the address to the crime scene on Kutlwanong Street in Vosloorus when he called him on that night, contrary to Mosia’s testimony that he had had to start at the Botshelong Hospital and the Vosloorus Police Station as he was looking for directions to the crime scene.  

“I realised photographers and experts were not there at the scene. That’s when I called Vosloorus Police Station and I was given the contact numbers of the people who were on standby, even though I don’t remember their names. I then called him and I gave him the address and when he arrived, he found me at the gate and I showed him Captain Zwane,” says Ndlovu in a statement read in court.  

Contradiction 2 

Counsel for the fifth accused, Zandile Mshololo further pointed out that Ndlovu, in his statement, stated that he could not have asked Ndlovu to meet him at the hospital as he (Ndlovu) was already at the crime scene when he called Mosia.  

Mosia has disputed this, standing by his earlier testimony that he hadn’t received any address from Ndlovu who has since passed on. 

Previously, Mosia told the court that he had arrived at the scene four hours after the incident because had Ndlovu not provided him with the address to the crime scene.  

Meyiwa was shot dead on the evening of 26 October, eight years ago, when two intruders allegedly stormed into Kelly Khumalo’s house in Vosloorus and demanded cell phones before a scuffle allegedly ensued leading to the murder of the former Bafana Bafana goalminder. 

The incident is said to have happened just after 20h00 and according to Ndlovu’s statement, he received a call between 21h45 to 22h00.  

“I was called by Colonel Mokgope who informed me that there was a shooting in Vosloorus where the late Senzo Meyiwa was shot. I asked him the directions to the scene and he asked me that we must meet at the Bophelong Hospital in Vosloorus. I arrived there and I was told that Meyiwa had been declared dead on arrival.” 

Mosia previously told the court that he received a call from Ndlovu at about 23h20 and had arrived at the scene just after midnight. 

Contradiction 3 

Further casting doubt on Mosia’s testimony, Ndlovu denied pointing out any exhibits to Mosia or giving him instructions since he was not in charge of the scene. Ndlovu, in his statement, says Captain Zwane whom he had found on the scene was the officer in charge of the scene. 

Mosia has previously told the court that despite not having received the address from Ndlovu he had found him on the scene and had taken pictures under the guidance of Ndlovu who explained everything about the scene to him.  

“I did not point out any scene or exhibit to him as I was not in charge of the scene. I did not call him to the hospital as I was already at the scene when I called him,” reads the statement by Ndlovu, pointing out that the only reason he called Mosia was when realised there was no photographer on the scene and made the call to assist the officers who were already on the scene. 

‘Meyiwa declared dead on arrival’ 

According to Ndlovu’s statement, when he arrived at the Botshelong Hospital where Meyiwa had been taken to following the shooting, he was told that the former Bafana Bafana keeper had been declared dead upon arrival. 

Earlier in the trial Advocate Malesela Teffo, who has since withdrawn from the case, had argued that the crime scene had been tampered with, insisting that Meyiwa was already dead by the time he was removed from the scene and transported to the hospital.  

Teffo had argued that the removal “of the body” amounted to contamination of the crime scene. 

At the time, Mosia would not comment on whether Meyiwa was still alive when he was transported to the hospital except to say when he arrived at the hospital – the secondary crime scene – while looking for the address to the primary crime scene on Kutlwanong Street in Vosloorus, Meyiwa had already been declared dead. 

The court has adjourned and will resume on Wednesday morning.