Senior prosecutor Jan Ferreira, who was assigned to deal with fraud and perjury charges against Advocate Nomgcobo Jiba, is expected to testify at the Mokgoro Enquiry in Centurion on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, NPA senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecution, Advocate Chris MacAdam testified that investigations into international bribery cases were stalled after Jiba removed him from the cases without a reasonable explanation. The cases were moved to the Specialised Commercial Crime Unit, headed by Advocate Lawrence Mrwebi.

MacAdam implied that his removal was due to interference by Jiba, but he considered that he had no tangible proof of her involvement.

In 2015, Advocate Jan Ferreira drafted a legal opinion which found that the decision to prosecute Jiba was sound in law. However, former prosecutions boss Shaun Abrahams ignored the opinion and ordered that the matter be withdrawn.

Ferreira argued that Jiba committed perjury when she said under oath that she considered all available evidence when authorising the racketeering charges against former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks boss Johan Booysen.

Retired Constitutional Court Justice Yvonne Mokgoro is chairing the enquiry into the fitness of Jiba and her colleague Advocate Lawrence Mrwebi to hold office. Jiba and Mrwebi are accused of misconduct and maladministration, relating to the mishandling of high profile cases.

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