Residents of the Booysens informal settlement in Selby south of Johannesburg have vowed to render the City ungovernable if their demands for housing are not met.

Angry residents are saying that Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has failed to provide them with hospitable housing, instead he chose to house illegal immigrants at the Wembley stadium, who have been evicted from hijacked buildings in the CBD.

Earlier this morning, protesting residents brought traffic to a standstill on Ellof Street, blockading the road with burning tyres and rocks.

Police have since managed to reopen the busy road and to push protesters back into the informal settlement.

About 100 residents from the Selby informal settlement are now protesting on the side of the road, under the watchful eye of armed police officers.

They attempted to blockade the road once again, however police managed to contain the protestors by threatening to shoot them with rubber bullets.