Sekhukhune District residents fed up with water supply woes

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Several communities living near the Flag Boshielo Dam marched to the Sekhukhune district municipality to present their memorandum of demands. They are demanding that water be provided to more than 30 villages.

The communities say that although they live near the dam, they have been without water for several years. They also say that the water pipes are passing through their areas to supply water to far-flung areas as far as Polokwane municipal area.

Community members of Moeding, Phetwane, Mohlalaotwane and surrounding villages say their taps have been dry for over three years. They accuse the water authority, Sekhukhune District Municipality, of failing to provide water.

The communities say they want to Flag Boshielo dam to benefit them.

The dam is currently full to capacity but the community continues to drink water with animals in the local Lepelle river.

Community leader, Ntapane Matsekoleng says “The most important thing that we are gathering here is because of the water crisis that we are having here at Sekhukhune District. The community from the different villages have a problem and Sekhukhune District doesn’t want to listen to them.”

MMC for Water in the Sekhukhune District Municipality, Bella Kupa received a memorandum of demands from the protesting communities.

Kupa promised that she will discuss the issues raised by communities with Lepelle Northern Water to ensure that the communities receive water provision. She says “The problem that we are having just not to give them water, is the aging infrastructure that Lepelle must make sure that they are looking into that. Another issue that is causing the communities to rise or not to get water is the issue of load shedding.”

Community members are calling upon Limpopo Provincial government to intervene to ensure that they also benefit from this dam. They have also given the Sekhukhune District Municipality seven days to respond to their memorandum of demands.