Social, Education and Economic Development Foundation South Africa (SEED) has urged men and women to stand in solidarity to fight violence against women and children.

SEED Director Patrick Tutubela says 2017’s theme of 16 Days of Activism against Women and Children is “Count Me In”. He was speaking at Botshabelo east of Bloemfontein during the 16 Days Activism campaign.

Tutubela says men should also play a role in the society to protect women and children.

Young girls in their uniforms marched saying no to violence against women and children.

Some demonstrated with their placards written “STOP ABUSE” and ‘VIOLENCE MUST FALL”.

SEED Director Patrick Tutubala says the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the negative impact of violence on women and children.

“We think enough is enough and we now have to stand up as men to protect women and children.”

Reverend Malefetsane Khambule says violence against women and children needs proper research.

“It’s about time that we go deep into this part and try to make research just to find out why violence against women. But I can tell you it’s not good news. What I’ve realised (is that) it’s brought by struggle, especially the grants are the centre of this problem.”

This campaign was organised mainly for young girls because most of them have fallen victims of abuse in this area.

An Ambassador of Brothers For Life in the Free-State, Teboho Motseki, says women should speak out against women and child abuse.

He says silence will kill the society.

“As men, we’d like to make awareness to other men that silence is not OK for men. We need to speak up as men and stand up. To the young woman, we are saying they must not allow men to be their blessers. So, we urge them to be humble and not allow them use them as their tools.”

SEED South Africa says it will hold a number of educational campaigns as part of its awareness programmes.

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