Security to be tightened at universities amid registrations

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Security is expected to be tightened at some institutions of higher learning where the registration process will start this week.

Senior police officers will also meet today to discuss the issue of security at tertiaries.

Meanwhile, the EFF Student Command says it stands by its call on prospective students who have not registered to report to universities on Monday morning.

This is despite the warning by the majority of universities that so-called ‘walk-ins’ wouldn’t be allowed and that prospective students should rather apply online. However, the universities of KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Venda and the Vaal Univeristy of Technology have agreed to admit walk-ins after engaging with the EFF students’ organisations.

Its president, Phuthi Keetse, has a warning for universities that will turn away ‘walk-ins’.

“If you anticipate or maybe might anticipate chaos, it is only going to occur where the university is becoming arrogant. If you stop students at the gate you are inviting anarchy, and if you allow them to just go and deal with applications, you are not going to experience any kind of anarchy. Those that are arrogant they are the ones who will suffer.”

Keetse has also called on universities which are not willing to re-open the application process to do so.

He says it is not true that there is no space.

“If you were doing matric last year, when you apply you don’t apply at one institution. You apply at UP, UJ, Stellenbosch etc. And ultimately the majority of those people who have applied might find that they have been accepted at four institutions. It is very much disingenuous for them to say there is no space, there is space. It’s a lie and we have made a call for this people to re-open the application process because we know it’s doable. It will be very unfair for us not to have this late application.”

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