Security companies warn of increase in attacks on food delivery services

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A new crime trend could put many lives at risk, especially during the festive season, when the demand for food deliveries is high. Police and neighbourhood security companies say attacks on food delivery services are on the increase. But it’s not just delivery drivers that are robbed, customers are also targeted.

Members of the public have been warned to be cautious. Scooter food delivery services are a modern-day convenience, especially for those who don’t have cars. But the soaring popularity of food delivery Apps, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has also attracted opportunistic elements. The risks have become life-threatening for those who provide the service. A recent victim nearly died after a brutal attack.

“I’m a victim because once I was robbed. They stabbed me and I spent three weeks in hospital,” says a delivery driver.

Another delivery driver says the devastating effects are widespread, however, most drivers don’t report the incidents out of fear of losing their jobs. But at times, criminals also target customers.

“Especially in the evening, we are being followed by unknown people to the destination where we deliver food. What they look for is money and cell phones. Now the thing has changed, they are also targeting our consumers. They can follow you, then when you are about to drop off when the customer comes out, they enter the premises,” another delivery driver explains.

Security expert Willem Zaaiman from VoiceAlert appealed to people to take the crime trend seriously, as criminals can access your home, resulting in devastation. He says during perilous events, being vigilant is simply not enough. Safety tips might just save your life.

With the alarming crime rate in the country, Zaaiman says securing your home with the right technology might help.

Meanwhile, police and neighbourhood security companies are urging all South Africans to remain vigilant when receiving any delivery at home, especially at night.