A Secunda family wants the Govan Mbeki Municipality to compensate them after their 12-year-old son was electrocuted by cables that were allegedly left unattended two years ago. This incident left 12-year-old Hlalefo Mapesoane disabled.

Hlalefo Mapesoane was in Grade 4 when he was struck by electrical cables that left both his hands amputated. The 12-year-old boy’s future was shattered because he had to leave school. It’s alleged the electricity cables were left unattended by municipal officials.

Speaking to the SABC News, Hlalefo says he misses going to school and playing soccer with his friends.

“I’m missing playing soccer with my friends and also going to school,” he laments.

According to the family, the Govan Mbeki Municipality was informed about the cables on the street. This matter was only attended to after the incident.

Hlalefo was hospitalised with burnt wounds all over his body.

Hlalefo’s mother Nthabeleng says she is disappointed at the way the municipal officials are treating this matter.

“The municipality was informed about the cable but they didn’t respond. They only responded after my child was injured,” says Nthabeleng.

Hlalefo needs to go to the hospital once a week. His father, Johannes Mapesoane says the municipality has failed to help them with medical fees.

“I lost my job shortly after the incident. It’s very cold inside the house because the house is a shack and the child has bandages all over his body and he gets very cold easily. He has to be taken to hospital once a week and now the municipality is not helping us with anything,” says Mapesoane.

The Govan Mbeki Municipality could not comment on this matter saying they have to meet with the family first because the matter is sensitive.