Second accused in Meyiwa murder case is a breadwinner: Brother

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The brother of the second accused in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, Bongani Ntanzi says the accused has many people depending on him for survival in his Nongoma hometown in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mbongeleni Ntanzi has been called as a defence witness in the High Court in Pretoria where his brother is applying for bail.

He was identified by a witness and Senzo Meyiwa’s friend, Tumelo Madlala as one of the perpetrators who attacked Meyiwa.

Ntanzi, who has been in custody since 2020, argues he has no previous convictions and has also been offered employment.

Meyiwa was shot and killed while visiting the home of his then-girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo’s mother.

‘Pulled the trigger’

Last month, without saying whether Ntanzi was the man who pulled the trigger, Madlala said the 32-year-old from Freedom Park in Phokeng, Rustenburg, was the man whose hand Meyiwa grabbed as he pressed him against the wall in the kitchen.

“And a person you have seen before, if you meet this person again, it won’t be difficult to recognise that person. And I won’t tell lies about a person. Even that person knows.”

Madlala told the court that he was in the sitting room when a man who was short in height, had short dreadlocks, had a scotch hat on and had worn a brown or caramel jacket, barged into the house carrying a gun and demanded cellphones and money.

According to Madlala, Longwe Twala, Zandi Khumalo’s boyfriend at the time, rose up and pushed the man on his way out, while Kelly Khumalo ran into one of the bedrooms.

He says there was then a second man who was tall and slender, who was then attacked by Meyiwa, pressing the man against the wall while Kelly, Zandi, and Gladness Khumalo, the owner of the house and Kelly’s mother, assaulted the other assailant with crutches.

The Senzo Meyiwa murder trial was postponed to 14th November 2022. It is expected to continue until the 2nd of December 2022 once it resumes.

VIDEO: Senzo Meyiwa Murder trial: 13 September 2022: