Seat allocation predictions

National Assembly
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Seat allocation predictions based on the CSIR results forecasts at 12pm on Friday show that:

  • In the National Assembly, the ANC and DA lost some seats while the EFF and FF Plus gained a significant number of seats. If these predictions hold, new parties will make their debut in Parliament: ATM, GOOD as well as a number of small parties with one seat each.

  • In Gauteng the race is so close, that it is difficult to say if the ANC will need the support of other parties to govern. On the current prediction the ANC has an absolute majority based on one seat – but this may change when more results come in.  Based on current predictions the ACDP will lose their seat and the other parties will remain in the legislature.


  • In the Western Cape the DA with 24 and ANC with 12 seats will still be the dominant parties, with new possible parties entering the legislature: GOOD, VF Plus, Al Jamaah.


  • In KwaZulu-Natal the ANC has a reduced majority and the IFP will take over from the DA as the official opposition. One new party, the ATM, may get a seat.

  • In Mpumalanga it is predicted that the EFF will take over from the DA as official opposition, and the VF Plus will replace BRA with one seat.


  • In the Eastern Cape, the balance of power will remain the same, with two small parties, COPE and AIC, replaced by ATM and VF Plus.


  • In the Free State and North West the same parties and the same power balance will remain.

  • In Limpopo and the Northern Cape the main parties performed the same as before, with the VF Plus replacing Cope, with one seat in each of the provinces.

Note that incoming results may cause some of the seat predictions above to change.