Search for 12 new SABC Non-Executive Board members got under way

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Parliament’s Communications Committee has received 120 nominations of persons to serve on the SABC Board. 36 will be shortlisted.

The Portfolio Committee’s sub-committee met on Thursday to receive a presentation from Parliament’s Content Advisers on the nominations.

This will kickstart the process of searching for 12 new Non-Executive Board members as the current board’s term of office comes to an end on October 15.

The deadline for nominations was on the 6th of August. The committee hopes to conclude the process of interviewing and recommending a new board to the National Assembly before the end of September.

Parliament’s Content Adviser Jacob Medupi has briefed the sub-committee.

“We received a total of 120 nominations within the prescribed, – you know, – closing date. PCC (Portfolio Committee on Communication) considered what we call about 36 candidates which would be what will be shortlisted you know today as part of the shortlisting process.

“The 36 shortlisted would translate into at least about three candidates per SABC Non-executive board position. Interviews will be conducted you know based on the schedule that we have shared with the rest of the members over a five-day period. And each and every candidate would be given about 45 minutes,” explains Medupi.