SCOPA chair gives a tongue lashing to role-players involved in rail track relocation

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Roleplayers involved in the relocation of communities on the Cape Flats that have established themselves on the central railway line, must report to Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts, on a monthly basis. This, after the committee conducted its third oversight visit to the railway lines on Tuesday.

Communities from Langa, Nyanga and Philippi established themselves on the tracks during the COVID-19 lockdown, leaving the railway line only partially operational.

The Passenger Railway Agency of South Africa (PRARA), the City of Cape Town, the Transport and Housing Departments as well as the Housing Development Agency appeared before SCOPA to discuss ways to resolve the problem. But no progress has been reported. SCOPA chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa, expressed his frustration.

“I hate the notion of baby sitting. But in this case will baby sit you. You will come here every month, until you have resolved it. This is not the kind of leadership you expect at this level. The indecisiveness. Shape up or ship out, if you’re not equal to the task, leave so that those who are, can continue with the job,” says Hlengwa.