There is no schooling at Lekgolo Primary School in Mamaila Kolobe-Tona between Louis Trichardt and Giyani in Limpopo, as angry parents call for the removal of the principal.

Two learners died on Wednesday at the school after the trailer of a food delivery truck crashed into the school wall and it collapsed on them.

The school gate has been locked.

The death of five-year-old Rethabile Nakana and his cousin Keletso Mohale sparked anger in the community.

Nakana had just started Grade R while Mohale was in grade two.

Angry parents are currently in a community meeting to map a way forward.

They have prevented their children from going to school.

They say the school premises have always been a safety hazard, stating the said wall already had cracks when the trailer crashed into it.

They say attempts to alert the principal of the dangers were previously met with disdain.