Scenery Park residents still ‘confused’ following Enyobeni tradegy

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The community at Scenery Park in East London in the Eastern Cape, where 21 young people, including teenagers died at Enyobeni tavern a week ago, say they are still confused and puzzled by the events that led to the deaths.

Results of forensic investigations to the cause of the deaths are still pending.

Meanwhile the Buffalo City metro has confirmed that it has launched an investigation into the tavern as to whether the structure complied with safety regulations and how it had been built in a place zoned as a residential area.

Community activist Samkela Jobela, says that they’re looking for answers.

“We are still left confused, that’s why we took a march on Friday, to go to these various authorities and institutions to tell us what were the findings, as to what had happened there. And obviously as this has been declared as a national crisis, we were expecting some speed up in the process, but yet there is nothing, no engagement with the community. All we see is that the survivors and the families are being put back into that traumatic process again and again.”

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