The African Pangolin species has been around for over 40 million years and is fast on its way to extinction.

One Pangolin is taken from the wild every five minutes. There are only eight Pangolin species in the world, four in Asia and four in Africa.

An NGO dedicated to rescue and rehabilitate pangolins – The Pangolin Photo Safaris’ Toby Jermyn explains that the Pangolin is the most trafficked species in the world.

“In Chinese and far eastern traditional medicine the Pangolin has always been revered for unproven medical properties. For example the scales are ground down; they are used to help new mothers with lactation issues. Some people say that it can help cue asthma, poultry and even cancers in some respect. Unfortunately the Pangolin flesh itself is also regarded as a bit of a delicacy especially in Vietnam and China and is often eaten to celebrate the success of a big business deal for example.”

A film called ‘The Eye of the Pangolin’ will be released online internationally on May, 17 which is Endangered Species Day, in order to create awareness for the critically endangered animal.

“We are very excited about the film. We are hoping that it will become the world’s most viewed wildlife documentary.”

Jermyn encourages the public to visit to find out more and report the sighting of Pangolins on Pangalert, in different area’s in order to focus their conservation efforts in those areas.