Save SA to unveil ‘real State of the Nation’

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Convener of the SaveSA campaign Sipho Pityana has called on South Africans, young and old to attend what he calls an alternative State of the Nation Address in Cape Town next week Thursday.

The event to be held in the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town will coincide with the official opening of parliament by President Jacob Zuma when he will be delivering his State of the Nation Address.

Pityana, addressing the Cape Town Press Club, says, “We are positioning this as the real State of the Nation Address and we are mobilising civil societies to attend in their numbers. We expect young people to attend this event for it is their future that Zuma is meddling with. And we will able South Africans to tell their own story; to present their own State of the Nation Address, not the hollow one, mythical one presented by Zuma.”

Pityana is once again taking aim at President Jacob Zuma. He accuses the president of being engaged in an attempt to capture National Treasury, an accusation the President has dismissed before.

Pityana addressed the Cape Town Press Club on Thursday.

He outlined what he thought President Zuma’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) should prioritise. He, however, insists it will be full of promises but poor on delivery.

“We need to hold him accountable to his own promises, expose to the nation the broken ones, and ensure we understand the real state of the nation.”

He’s also weighed in on the alleged attempts to capture National Treasury and speculation around removing Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

The private sector was not spared criticism either.

The Anglo Gold Ashanti Chairman says while some in the private sector companies were paying the price for criticising government’s ineptitude, they, however, needed to own up to private sector corruption.

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