Northern Cape Premier should address unemployment, crime, lack of housing

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Residents of Calvinia, in the Northern Cape, are demanding that Premier Zamani Saul address the province’s high unemployment rate, crime and lack of housing in his opening of legislature speech on Thursday in Calvinia.

Frustrated residents of Calvinia say the provincial government must speedily address the challenges they are facing.

Among the problems, they are experiencing is access to clean drinking water.

One resident says, “We are struggling at the moment with poverty, people don’t have houses and stuff like toilets.”

Another says, “I hope the Premier will address the working problems. There is no work in our town so I hope he will talk about that. I hope he will talk about the problems at the hospital because it’s a problem, the clinic, the waiting period is too long, especially for the old people.”

“There are many people around here that don’t have a roof on their heads. There are many people sleeping on the streets, in toilets, sleeping under bridges that are not right because they are asthmatic, and have diabetes because there is no roof above their heads,” added a third resident.

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