Saturday marks a year since Collins Khosa’s death

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Today marks one year since the death of Alexandra resident, Collins Khosa, who was assaulted – allegedly by soldiers who had been patrolling the streets during the hard lockdown.

The soldiers entered the Khosa property to search for liquor. Khosa died from blunt force trauma to the head after being assaulted – allegedly by the soldiers.

His death sparked demands that the military act with sensitivity while enforcing the hard lockdown.

The Military Ombud found in August last year that the soldiers’ conduct contravened operational orders.

They were supposed to enter the Khosa property along with police.

SANDF’s reaction to Military Ombudsman’s report on Collins Khosa:

The Khosa family is seeking recourse.

Last August, Collins’ relatives said they’ll use the Ombudsman’s report in their civil claim:

The Khosa case raised concerns over the army and police’s accountability during the lockdown.

It is one of many cases around the world where authorities were accused of using excessive force to enforce compliance with COVID-19 response measures.