SASSA recipients tell of delays in Limpopo

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Some SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) recipients from some rural areas in Limpopo who are yet to receive their July grants, allege that officials forced them to apply for new SASSA cards without fully explaining how they work.

Many say they have visited Post Offices, banks and SASSA identified retail outlets but were still not able get their grants.

Chairperson of the Namakgale SASSA Committee, Johannes Manzini, says many recipients don’t know what to do now.

“We were switched to the new card on the 1st of June when we came to the town hall for our grants and they told us that we would not get our money unless we had the new card. They did not explain how they work they just told us that we can use them at supermarkets and banks but when we go to supermarkets and banks they don’t work, even when we go to the post office they don’t work.”

SASSA in Limpopo says that no complaints were brought to their attention. Its spokesperson Zwannda Kutama says the only hiccups that they are aware of were resolved earlier.

“The problems that we experienced was at the beginning of the month we are saying that beneficiaries are free in case they face any challenge to visit any SASSA office, officials are ready to assist them for now we are not experiencing any challenges in Limpopo.”