Post and Telecommunications Minister, Siyabonga Cwele has visited the remote villages of Ntabankulu in the Eastern Cape, to explain the new change in the social grant system.

Cwele interacted with beneficiaries at Ndwane village. He assured them that they would continue receiving their social grants without any problems.

“As a government, we are ensuring that people are continuing to get their grants without problems. That is what we are observing as we are going and explaining the change; explaining why the change and the cards. We are saying we are going to replace the old cards with the new cards. Sassa is working with the post office so that we can expertise the process.”

The beneficiaries were satisfied with Cwele’s promises.

“I am happy with the process of changing the cards as long as we are not going to be affected in the process, I am supporting my grandchildren , myself and everybody at home with social grant. I am really happy.”

“We are happy that he came here in the rural areas and explained to us how are we going to continue benefiting. We were confused because there was lot of contradicting information regarding the change.”

Watch video below: