Many SASSA grant recipients in KwaZulu-Natal say they are frustrated at not receiving their grants on Tuesday morning.

Thousands of recipients found no funds when they attempted to withdraw money from ATMs or the Post Office on Tuesday morning.

This comes as SASSA employee’s countrywide strike over wages.

A Nongoma resident in the north of the province Bright Zungu, says their children’s welfare is on the line.

“When we go to the ATM to withdraw, there’s no money on the card. At the Post Office they claim the card is declining because it’s not loaded with funds. When I go to SASSA offices I’m turned away, they don’t want to serve us and tell us we should go home. I feel for them because we’re in the same predicament because they want to feed their families and so do I. However my situation is worse because I’m dependent on this grant,” says Zungu.

Meanwhile, SASSA’s Acting CEO Pearl Bhengu has issued an apology over the incident and says all recipients will get their money by Wednesday.

“I’d like to apologise to all the SASSA recipients that went to all the outlets and didn’t get their money. Their money is there and they will get their money that is the assurance. The only problem we’ve been having is more of a system and technical problem. We’ve had some network problems especially with the network being very slow and people were unable to get their money. The Post Office will really need now to make sure that their network is ready for the volumes. In some cases some people went to ATMs to withdraw but because of the old cards they were using we’d like to urge everyone to now use savings account. By Wednesday everyone would have gotten their money,” says Bhengu.