The Ministerial Committee of Inquiry into governance matters of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), resumed in Johannesburg on Monday, with yet more testimonies from administrators pin pointing interference by SASCOC.

There were also allegations made that perhaps the board of the Olympic body was incompetent.

There were five submissions on Monday, some like the Equestrian federation had no issues with SASCOC.

However, other’s like Sport Administrator Muditambi Ravele, who sat in SASCOC meetings representing boxing and then tennis, felt there are too many inconsistencies, including an air of hostility where federations were too afraid to voice concerns to the board, for fear of intimidation.

“That’s the reason I took time myself to put my thinking down and coming to present here and I would expect other federations to do the same,” says Ravele.

Another administrator, James Evans, who had his run-ins with the then CEO Tubby Reddy, outlined five years of grief involved in athletics.

Evans believes interference in athletics has subsided, and that is why SA athletes are thriving, although he fears it could be coming back.

“My own honest opinion as to why the athletes are doing well is you’ve got damn good athletes in this country, damn good coaches, and to a large extent the national federation is too weak to actually interfere directly with them. I think that it is changing,” says former Athletics SA president Evans.

The Committee of inquiry is set to hear from Paralympian and SASCOC board member Natalie du toit on Wednesday, and then Zola Majavu and Sam Ramsamy on Thursday.