The executive members of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee, SASCOC, have already begun punching holes in the recommendations of the Zulman Inquiry into the affairs of the umbrella sport body.

SASCOC president, Gideon Sam, says they will use the Annual General Meeting to outline at least five key areas in the report that will have far reaching implications on the day to day functions of the organisation.

“The final, final decision as to who becomes President of SASCOC is the General Assembly, that is what our Constitution says. So there are further engagements on this issue. Another one, by way of example, is when you are elected to the board, whether you should stand down completely from either your position on particular federation or sports body and so on, now we believe that if you do that, we’ll come to point where all those people sitting in the board will not be members of any sporting body,” says Sam.