SA’s UN ambassador rings Nasdaq bell in honour of Madiba

Former president Nelson Mandela
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A South African delegation led by UN ambassador Jerry Matjila has rung the closing bell of the Nasdaq Stock Market in New York in honour of the late former president Nelson Mandela‘s centenary birthday celebrations around the world.

Madiba would have been 100 on July 18 this year.

The delegation was welcomed to the exchange by Nasdaq Senior Vice President John Zecca, who described Madiba as an inspirational anti-apartheid revolutionary and one of the greatest human rights advocates the world had ever seen.

“It’s a special honour for me to be your host today, as I am someone of proudly South African heritage, who has watched this wonderfully diverse nation  follow the vision of Nelson Mandela, a towering inspiration for the entire world. Now there’s a lot to celebrate, as next Wednesday is Nelson Mandela Day… is a momentous year for South Africa with the Nelson Mandela centenary –  which would have been 100 years since the iconic leader’s birth,” explains Zecca.

Ambassador Matjila invited the world to visit South Africa and walk in Madiba’s footsteps, while exploring his legacy, tolerance and reconciliation.

“We hope that the whole world, and the UN system, will embrace these values as we go forward. In honouring his centenary, we are inviting all travellers from the US and everywhere to go and visit SA and go and work in his footsteps. We hope that travellers, for whatever ages and where they come from, they will really enjoy the warm hospitalities of South Africans, for which, I hope, are known worldwide,” adds Matjila.