SA’s first digital Census to start this week

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The country’s first digital Census is due to begin this week and will conclude at the end of February. The nationwide population count will be conducted through telephone, digital computer-assisted counting and physical door-to-door visits.

Stats SA has appealed to all communities to register before the end of January for the online count via the data-free registration website – getcounted.statssa.gov.za. The Census 2022 toll-free contact number is 0800 110 248.

The digital Census was introduced to help ensure everyone is counted, while avoiding in-person contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stats SA to conduct its first digital population count Census 2022 in February:

Government outlines its readiness for Census 2022

The February 3 to 28  Census is South Africa’s fourth population count post-democracy.

At least 165 000 field workers will be deployed across the country to count everyone within the borders of South Africa.

Statistics SA (Stats SA) says it will give respondents the option to complete the census questionnaire with or without the assistance of a fieldworker.

It will further allow respondents to access the census questionnaire remotely, enabling Stats SA to reach people in all areas.

Stats SA says the reason for a housing and population census is to assist government in planning better. In that way, it is better able to provide for its citizens’ needs.

Data collected during a census is used for planning, policy formulation and evidence-based decision-making, while the results are also the basis for budget allocations across local, provincial and national government.