SA’s economy ‘on verge of collapse’: DA

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has warned that the state is on the verge of collapse because of what it says is government’s inability to control wasteful expenditure, pay service providers and prevent corruption.

The party says the government’s responses to a series of Parliamentary questions over the past few weeks reveal its failure to manage the country’s public sector.

According to the DA, this is undermining any hopes that South Africans might have about the possible recovery of the economy.

DA’s shadow Public Service and Administration minister Dr Leon Schreiber says the party is deeply disturbed.

“The DA is deeply disturbed by this latest information showing that national and provincial government departments currently owe South African businesses over R7.1 billion in outstanding payments. We are in the midst of a profound economic crisis in this country. And we have a government that talks about reviving the economy, but then, when we see the facts we realise that this kind of gross financial mismanagement is exactly one of the reasons why we are in this economic crisis in the first place,” explains Schreiber.