The outbreak of COVID-19 that led to South Africans being placed under hard lockdown has served as an inspiration to a Free State author.

‘Mother`s Little Helper’, written by Kolwane Mrwebi, is meant to help parents and their children pass time and bond. The beginning of the COVID 19 lockdown saw people compelled to stay home with schools and most amenities closed.

The book explores many ways to pass time for parents and children and increase their bonds.

The book gives ideas of activities that can be done to avoid boredom and depression. These activities include cooking, reading and playing together. Author of 14 children books and mother of four, Kolwane Mrwebi say these tips are certain to strengthen the bond between parents and their young ones.

“The book will assist parents to say you know what let’s use this time to reconnect with our children. Because parents spend time at work they never have time for their children. Every one of our children is growing. Before you know it,  we will be raising strangers. So as the government placed us at different levels it is an opportunity and platform to reconnect with our children and have fun ways of doing things, things that do not even cost money.”

Mrwebi says the book is a reminder of the simplicity of having fun as families.

“I started cleaning the house and my son as my assistant came in, as I’m sweeping the floor he will gather the dust and things and throw them away. As I’m preparing lunch for them they will help with spicing and things and the day will go by and we will be sleeping again and for a while, it was an escaping route. We were able to say yes we are in a pandemic that is scary but we were doing things together as a family.

The author also brings the stories to life by reading stories online for children.