SARS used wrong procedure to deal with Makwakwa: Kingon

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The South Africa Revenue Services (SARS) used  wrong procedures to deal with former senior tax official Jonas Makwakwa.

This is according to Acting SARS Commissioner Mark Kingon who was briefing Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance.

However, Kingon says he can’t get into finer details on the matter for fear of compromising current investigations.

Makwakwa is alleged to have misled SARS with regard to declarations of interest in the appointment of New Integrated Credit Solutions as one of the eight debt collectors to recover monies owed to SARS.

Former senior SARS official Jonas Makwakwa resigned with immediate effect in March 2018 citing personal reasons.

He was embroiled in fraud and corruption allegations dating back to 2016 but an internal hearing cleared him of any wrongdoing last year.

Acting SARS Commissioner Mark Kingon says the process followed in the investigation was wrong.

He says the Revenue Services should have first investigated Makwakwa for tax instead of HR related matters.

“With hindsight looking at it Sars went about the incorrect way we should have started the process with tax investigation and I will divulge the details of tax investigation thereafter we should have gone to the process of determining whether there’s any case to be made in dealing with the employee in question that compromises the whole process.”

Members of the Standing Committee on Finance wanted to know if there was any person who has been held to account.

DA’s spokesperson on Finance David Maynier followed by his deputy Alf Lees.

“You have conceded that this matter went about the wrong way has anybody been hold to accountable???? Has that tax investigation been done has it included the so called donors or Mr Makwakwa????”

ANC MP Tandi Tobias-Pokolo suggested a review of certain legislation relating to secrecy.

That distinction should be made at all times in case we are found wanting in litigation secrecy laws might at some point need to be reviewed.

Kingon says nobody has been disciplined so far on matter, but warned that any person found guilty will be dealt with.