SARLA, Sharks Rugby Union hand over thousands of food parcels in KwaZulu-Natal

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The South African Rugby Legends Association (SARLA) and the Sharks Rugby Union have handed over thousands of food parcels for people in KwaZulu-Natal.

The organisations have partnered with Spar to help alleviate hunger in communities affected by the coronavirus lockdown.

A recent survey by the Foundation for Human Rights on the effect of the virus on communities has shown that food security is the biggest challenge for 80% of those polled.

The #RugbyUnites campaign has handed over food parcels to two charity organisations.  Organisers say they’re grateful for the support from the sporting community.

SARLA president Gavin Verejes says the support has been immense.

“It’s really been fantastic and we’ve had a lot of South African Protea cricketers. So, the response from the South African community has been immense. So, when we started this I called Elton Janjtjies who said he’d love to be involved, and he came along, and we started our first programme, and then he said, ‘well, let’s challenge all other rugby unions.’ That’s what this country is about. Two things unite people, two things divide people; sport and music unite people, and politics and religion divide people. So, we’re just uniting the country. Everyone’s getting together for the feeding programme.”