Sardines expected to hit Durban beaches

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The ever-popular silvery bounties of the sea, the sardines, are expected to hit Durban beaches in about two weeks time.

Sharks Board Head of Operations Mark Anderson Reed says there has been some activity at East London beaches which looks positive this year.

KwaZulu-Natal is famed for its amazing sardine run, when massive shoals move from the Eastern Cape coastline to the KwaZulu-Natal coast.

Anderson Reed says the water temperature is expected to drop in the coming weeks, which is conducive for the silvery delicacies to make their way to beaches along KwaZulu-Natal.

“So there’s a lot of activity off East London so that looks very promising. So it looks like there are fish definitely on the way, how long it’ll take to get from East London through the hole in the wall up to Waterfall Bluff and to KZN is debatable. But we will be flying this week coming now and we will have another look and see if some of that activity has moved on to us. We don’t expect the fish in numbers until probably in another couple of weeks-time and we should see some activity on our coast.”