SANEF responds to journalist Piet Rampedi’s allegations

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The South African National Editors’ Forum has responded to allegations of it being the so-called foot soldiers of billionaire philanthropist, George Soros, saying they are not being controlled by Soros after receiving funds from him.

This after former Sunday Times journalist Piet Rampedi took to Twitter to make damning allegations against a number of journalists who he claims plotted to silence him and his colleagues.

Rampedi resigned after the publication retracted its reports on the so-called SARS Rogue Unit in 2015. He has composed over 40 tweets in which he labelled journalists, amongst others, who he claims were attempting to destroy him.

SANEF Executive Director Kate Skinner has urged Rampedi to address his concerns via the appropriate channels.

“We do get funding from George Soros, we got a specific amount of money to look at election issues and we ran a whole lot of election training workshops. Obviously, we get money from a whole lot of different sources including our own members and from the media companies. To say that we are getting from Soros and therefore being controlled by him is not correct.”

“We need to look at what Rampedi is saying and of course he can be critical, but he needs to go through the correct channels such as the Press Council, the BCCSA and it is very interesting that he is not taking them through the correct channels.”