Executive Director at the South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF), Kate Skinner, says that the planned Media Ethics Inquiry launch in Johannesburg on Monday, will deal with the captured media houses and journalists.

Skinner says the evidence before the inquiry is expected to restore credibility to the media industry at large.

“The nature behind it is that we have to know ourselves that as well there are lot of problems in terms of credibility and so we want to make sure that, that does not happen in the future. We need to improve the way journalists operate and media operates so that we can have independence of this inquiry,” says Skinner.

Meanwhile, SANEF chairperson Mahlatse Mahlase says the probe is an opportunity to restore faith in the country’s media. She encouraged members of the public and media to come forward with any information they may have.

“Finally, we are launching it on Monday. The inquiry will interview journalists, editors and members of the public to ascertain whether the media was captured by nefarious forces, and whether by the State or the public sector. So, this is an opportunity to be held accountable, but most importantly to build on our future and to rebuild the credibility that has been lost.”

The Inquiry will be chaired by Judge Kathy Satchwell.