SANDF investigators to report back on deadly shootout

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A team of investigators sent by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to the Mozambican border has returned to South Africa and is yet to reveal the details of a shooting incident.

This after two members of Mozambique’s border police were allegedly shot dead in an incident involving South African soldiers.

The border area is known as a smuggling route.

SANDF spokesperson Mafi Mgobozi says none of their members were killed.

“We don’t have the details. We sent the team yesterday and they came back in the late evening after 11 pm and they will be reporting back so we can get more information on what happened during the shooting incident.”

Mgobozi adds: “It is very difficult for me to speculate the reasons for the shooting. Our soldiers along the border are working hand in hand. The shooting is really surprising because every day these people meet and talk along the line when they patrol with the Mozambican parties. Sunday’s incident surprises us.”

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