SANCU, EBieSA meet to discuss the poultry industry

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The South African National Consumer Union (SANCU) and the Emerging Black Importers and Exporter South Africa (EBieSA) say the proposed 82% import tariff hike on poultry products could increase local chicken prices.

The two lobby groups have also refuted claims that lower import tariffs could kill the local poultry industry.

SANCU and EBieSA held a media briefing earlier on Wednesday. They say higher import tariffs on poultry will push up local chicken prices by 32%.

SANCU also argues that a price increase will result in extreme hardship, this as chicken is the country’s cheapest source protein.

The lobby group’s vice chair, Dr Cliff Johnson, also explained that chicken is the only source of protein in the rural areas. He also dismissed reports that imported chickens carry salmonella and listeriosis as scaremongering tactics, which are aimed at protecting local producers.

EBieSA and SANCU have refuted claims that imports from Brazil, United States or Europe will kill the local poultry market.

EBieSA says local producers can only supply 70% of the country’s demand while the remaining 30% is met through imports.

EBieSA says the import markets accounts for nearly 12 000 jobs and they have described it as an opportunity for black players to get involved.