Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe affect SADC: ZANU-PF

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ZANU-PF Secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu says the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe have negatively affected the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. He was speaking during a joint picket by African National Congress (ANC) and ZANU-PF supporters at the Beitbridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe in Musina.

The United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 after it implemented its land reform programme in 2000.

Mpofu is appealing to the SADC region to unite against the sanctions.

“All the problems that the region are facing are due to sanctions by those people who want us to fail now that South Africa is talking about the land reform programme. I know you’ll also have sanctions imposed on you. That’s why the SADC said let’s work together in fighting against sanctions.”

Mpofu has attributed the recent attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa to sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. He says the sanctions have led to millions of Zimbabwean nationals fleeing their country to seek employment in neighbouring countries, mostly in South Africa.

“The issue of xenophobia is caused by sanctions. If sanctions were not imposed on us our people would be getting employment in Zimbabwe, at home. A lot of factories have closed down because of sanctions. The banks have closed down because of sanctions. Lines of credit have been closed because of sanctions and millions of our people have been left jobless.”