Samwu workers call for removal of Thaba Chweu Municipal Manager

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Workers affiliated to union, Samwu, at Thaba Chweu local municipality in Mpumalanga have locked the municipality offices demanding the removal of the Municipal Manager Patrick Kgoale.

The workers accuse the Municipal Manager of failing to improve the municipality’s financial state since being appointed in May last year.

Samwu’s shop steward Chris Nkuna claims that under the manager’s leadership, the financial state and delivery of services to the public has worsened.

Nkuna says the municipality’s electricity debt has increased from 300 to 430 million rand.

He also accuses the manager of failing to implement the findings of a forensic report.

“Initially, when he was appointed there was a clear mandate of what he should do here, one it was the issue of Eskom and secondly it was the issue of AG and now all those have been abandoned by the Municipal Manager. He now implements his own things, he doesn’t follow processes. He has installed cameras instead of prioritising services to the public.”