The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) has called on the City of Cape Town to employ the current 10 000 Extended Public Workers permanently, and to do away with labour brokers. On Saturday, a large group of supporters staged a demonstration outside the Civic Centre in the CBD, demanding permanent jobs and an end to outsourcing.

A memorandum was handed over to the Executive Director of Water and Waste, Michael Webster.

SAMWU Spokesperson Michael Khumalo says the system is eroding permanent jobs and replacing them with EPWP casual workers.

“The non-filling of permanent vacancies where the money which is budgeted for those positions is being used to employ casual workers, short term contract EPWP at the expense of the non-filling of vacancies; we are saying it’s a new era where the system is eroding permanent jobs and replacing them by EPWP casualisation.”

Webster says that they have a committee to work on the matter. “These are all complex issues. We are a committee to work with you on. We care about these issues and we want to try and resolve them. We have been given three months and we resolved on working on them until the 14th of March.”