SAHRC urges those aggrieved by Breckenfell High findings to challenge them in court

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The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says those aggrieved by its findings in the Breckenfell High School matter must challenge them in court.

The commission says the school was not involved in what was termed a ‘whites-only matric event’ two years ago that led to clashes between Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) members and parents at the time.

The SAHRC’s education commissioner, Advocate Andre Gaum, says that while the commission found that some teachers knew of the event, evidence before it exonerated the school.

Gaum says, “In terms of the invitations, they were not exclusively sent, according to the evidence before us, to white learners only. An adult, who heard about the event from their child’s friend, who was a learner at the school, was one of the first people to post on Facebook, alleging that the event was racially discriminatory.”

“ So, it was not someone who had first-hand knowledge about the event. The learner in question was approached and refused to meet the commission.”

VIDEO: SAHRC clears Brackenfell High School of any racism:

In 2020, eight people were arrested at Brackenfell in Cape Town’s northern suburbs on charges of public violence after chaos broke as hundreds of EFF supporters protested against alleged racism at the Brackenfell High School.

Police used teargas, stun grenades and a water cannon to control hundreds of EFF supporters. The party had earlier secured a permit from the City of Cape Town for 100 people to protest.

[WARNING: LANGUAGE] Chaos erupts at Brackenfell High School as EFF marches: