Saftu determined to fight for employees who are anti-vaxxers

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The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) says although it supports vaccinations, it is determined to fight for the workers who have opted not to be vaccinated.

The country’s third biggest labour federation, the Federation of Unions of South Africa (Fedusa), has deferred a decision on whether or not to support the introduction of mandatory vaccinations in the country.

This as sharp disagreements on the controversial issue emerge among its affiliate trade unions.

The South African Teachers Union and the National Professional Teachers Organisation of South Africa say they will soon announce their decision on the matter.

SAFTU General-Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi says the rights of workers who are against mandatory vaccinations should be respected.

“We want to make a call to every worker to please get vaccinated. But we don’t agree with the notion that workers must be forced to be vaccinated against their will irrespective of the circumstances that we face. The employers should not undermine the constitutionally guaranteed right of every worker to refuse vaccination if they believe that it would harm them. The best that the government can do is to continue to provide educational programmes,” says Vavi.

Below is the full interview with Saftu: